Colorblindness: A Graphic Exploration

1 colorblindness copy

2 colorblindness copy

3 colorblindness copy

4 colorblindness copy

5 colorblindness copy

6 colorblindness copy

7 colorblindness copy

8 colorblindness copy

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  1. Joy Block

    Great graphic explanation, KC. I love the connection btwn colorblindness as a physical condition and colorblindness as a social condition. Regarding slavery & race in the US Constitution, I recently read the book “Slavery’s Constitution” by David Waldstreicher, and wanted to note it as a resource that connects to this. It’s a historical study of how slavery was an aspect of every section of the Constitution, connected to every debate that the Constitutional Congress had. The book really drove home for me that when race is connected to economic realities like property or labor, it will always be a factor that comes into play. It’s almost impossible to have discussions about governance, business & production, or social life without referencing and debating racial hierarchies too. For people who seek to derive their political thoughts today from the Constitution and Founding Fathers, it’s a really great read that may help also reach some of the conclusions that KC’s contribution highlights so well.

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